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Gladys Adjei Poku

Gladys Adjei PokuBorn in Kumasi, Ghana to a family of 8. Have 5 younger brothers who shaped my personality as a leader due to the constant intervention to bring discipline with their fighting, bickering and lack of teamwork.

Graduated from University of Ghana with a BS in nutrition in 1981.

Migrated to the US in 1988.

Graduated from New York University with BS in Nursing.

Lived in New Jersey (a few months); California (2 years); New York (4years); Rhode Island (1 year); Utah (almost 16 years 6 months now)

I have worked at the University Hospital the whole time I have been in Utah. First with 5 West and 5 East (5 East is no more), then with Resource, then with 4 north (Now called CVMU).




  • Equity and Diversity Awards, April 2010
  • University of Utah Staff Excellence Award 2008
  • University of Utah College of Nursing Alumni Board Award 2006
  • University of Utah Hospital and Clinics Board Award 2002
  • Currently the manager for CVMU and AIM-B inpatient units.




Work: working with people

Food: Blue berries and Corn

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