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2023 Event Details

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Holding colleagues and institutions accountable for inappropriate behavior can be challenging on many levels. “Everyone knows” something inexcusable is going on, but often nothing seems to come of it. Consequences are not communicated and accountability is not upheld.

This year’s Edie Kochenour Memorial Event will be a conversation about personal and institutional accountability in these situations. We will address questions such as What is our responsibility to speak up?  What are our rights in terms of transparency to due process?  If nobody does anything, are we collectively condoning bad behavior?  How can institutions handle these situations more effectively?

Panelists include

  • Leslie Francis, PhD, JD, Distinguished Professor in Law and Philosophy
  • Amos Guiora, PhD, JD, Professor of Law, Distinguished Fellow
  • Mitzi Montoya, PhD, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Saundra Stokes, MPA, Chief Mission Impact Officer, YWCA Utah

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About Edie

Edith Osborne Kochenour

Edith Osborne Kochenour

Edie Kochenour was well-known on campus for her wide-ranging passions, energy, and enthusiasm. She served the University for over 25 years. She held an appointment as the Director of Learning Enhancement Programs at the Counseling Center and also the Coordinator of Consultation and Outreach Services. Ms. Kochenour developed a national profile through writing and presenting papers. The event is funded through an endowment established in Edie's memory by her husband, Dr. Neil Kochenour.

The annual networking event and presentation of interest to women commemorates the achievements of Edie Kochenour. Coordinated in collaboration with the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women, the Kochenour Event frequently has been timed to coincide with Women's Week at the University of Utah.


Past Presentations

  • 2018

    'Expanding Leadership Horizons'

  • 2017

    'Crossing the Half-Court: Women Breaking Boundaries'

  • 2016

    'Good Intentions: Moving the Needle on Diversity and Inclusion'

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