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Current Membership

Commission Members

Members of the PCSW typically serve a 3-year term.

The Presidential Commission on the Status of Women is a group of women and men from diverse areas on campus and comprised of students, staff, and faculty. Members are carefully chosen by the President to present a broad view of issues and achieve solutions through special educational activities or policies. The positions of Chair, Chair-Elect, and of the general membership of the Commission shall represent the diversity of the campus.

Executive Committee

  • Mary Anne Berzins, Chair (2010-2018), Human Resources
  • Barb Smith (2013-2018), Executive Communications
  • Ruchi Watson (2020), David Eccles School of Business

General Membership

  • Melissa Bernstein, Faust Law Library
  • Lauren Clark, Nursing
  • Kelly Dries, Career Services
  • Jodi Emery, Marketing & Sales
  • Piikea Godfrey, Academic Affairs
  • Sri Koduri, Strategic Planning
  • Jan Lovett, Information Technology
  • Jennifer Mabey, Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Andrea Garavito Martinez, Graduate Teaching
  • Jude Mcneil, Inclusive Excellence
  • Anne Morrow, Marriott Library
  • Nanette Richard, Alumni Relations
  • Lien Fan Shen, Film & Media Arts
  • Stacey Lager, Division of Epidemiology
  • Ruchi Watson, David Eccles School of Business
  • Sharon Weinstein, Department of Anesthesiology
  • Willette White, Women's Basketball
  • Jaclyn Winter, Medicinal Chemistry

Ex Officio Members

  • Sherrie Hayashi, Equal Opportunity
  • Ana Maria Lopez, Health Equity and Inclusion
  • Shauna Lower, Child Care Coordinating Office
  • Kristin Maanum, Women's Education
  • Jennifer Mcconnell, Finance
  • Kai Medina-Martinez, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center
  • Tom Richmond, Chemistry
  • Barbara Smith, Office of the President
  • Kathryn Stockton, Equity & Diversity
  • Amy Wildermuth, Academic Affairs (Faculty)

Support Staff

  • Nathan Aldrich, Human Resources
Last Updated: 7/13/19