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2021 Event

2021 Edie Kochenour Memorial Event

Women’s voices have often been muted, overlooked, or discounted.  When women are invited to the table, they are often expected to conform to the dominant culture, which narrows impact and opportunity.  This is especially true for women of color.  The 2021 Edie Kochenour Memorial Event will draw from the wisdom of leaders who are working tirelessly to advance women.  The panel will explore strategies to embrace difference and reconstruct existing systems to amplify the voices of those who have long been invisible.  

Watch here: 

Jessica Preece, PhD (Associate Pr
ofessor, Brigham Young University)
Mendenhall (Mayor, Salt Lake City)
Marlon Lynch (Chief Safety Officer, University of Utah)
Liz Owens (CEO, YWCA Utah)

Moderated by Ruchi Watson, EdD
(Managing Director, UofU Goff Strategic Leadership Center)

Last Updated: 10/19/21